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Planning your wedding photography

Getting ready:

Remember the start of your big day, the nerves and the excitement. Dad seeing the dress for the first time and the emotion it brings. Pictures tastefully taken with the minimum of interruption so you can prepare for the start of your new life.

The Ceremony:

The main part of the day, I will liaise with the vicar or registrar to ensure you get the maximum coverage possible in the most discreet way. See every moment without knowing we are even there.

The Speeches:

The nerves, the affection and the love all captured as the story is told. The tears and the laughter captured in a way that will make you smile over and over.

The first dance:

The start of your new lives together, the first dance as husband and wife. Whether you sweep each other off your feet, or have a tender embrace, this is a true moment to remember.

The day:

Quite simply the most perfect day of your life, and I am there to help it run smoothly, and make sure every memory and detail however small is captured for you to treasure and keep forever.

Most of all don't worry:

I am here to help. I know there is so much to plan and organise don't worry about the photography. I can explain exactly what you will get and how it will work for you.

Enjoy your day and love the memories